Background is not visible VRAY render scene in 3ds Max What is the solution and VRAY sunlight become more bright how to reduce..??

  Q) .Background is not visible VRAY render scene in 3ds Max What is the solution...?? and V-RAY sunlight become more bright how to reduce..?


As you told your background is not visible in vray render scene in 3ds max 
if you had used Hdri map then their will be different problem. 

if incase ,you used Hdri maps then follow below steps to properly apply hdri maps and your background hdri scene will be visible in vray render scene in 3ds max.

1.First off all ,you need Hdri maps you can download for free from here HDRI MAPS DOWNLOADS

2.Make sure before applying hdri maps you had created a 3d model or imported any 3d model on which you had to apply background hdri maps scene.

3.Insert Vray-light and change type to Dome light.

4. press " M" for material editor then select any slot and apply vray material (vraymtl ) option.

5.After that under Vray-mtl tab select Vray-HDRI option.

6.Under bitmap option assign apply downloaded Hdri maps.

under Mapping option select Mapping type as Spherical. )

7.Check overall multiplier increase its value to 2.0 

8.Drag the assigned Hdri maps to environment map tab ( press 8 for environment map )

9.also drag the assigned hdri maps to Dome option below texture option.

10.Then render it your Background Hdri vray render scene will be visible in 3Ds max.

Q).VRAY sunlight become more bright how to reduce..??

Answer ( Solution )

Are you using a camera view when you render??

If you render in say perspective view then VRAY sunlight become more bright, 

but, if you use a physical camera then you can control your exposure settings and bring the scene down to where you want for over-all exposure.

So , just insert vray physical camera and decrease the exposure value and also increase the shutter speed value and decrease ISO value

Your problem will solve.

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