Lights in 3dsmax is an object type which can be used for illuminating realistic lights effect as same as artificial interior and exterior natural lights...!

Their are mainly 2 Sub-option in 3dsmax Lights

1. Photometric lights.

2. Standard lights.

This following lights are added in 3dsmax scene to get more realistic scene effect in 3dsmax software.

when their is no lightings in 3dsmax scene default scene lights get activated..but it is not realistic in rendering..!

if you want to enhance the realistic apperance of 3dsmax scene then you need to add and create lights object in 3dsmax.

as we discussed above theri are two types of 3dsmax lights in 3dsmax software.

Photometric lights are real world accurate lightings which is realistic in effect...in these lights you can control and sets the intensity and distribuition value and more..!

Photometric lights in 3dsmax

Some example of Photometric lights :

-Target lights

-Free lights

when applying ies lights you can create photometric free lights and select photometric web option under light distribution ( type )

then you can choose photometric file which you want

Note : Basic video tutorial on ies lights are below you can watch and learn from it...we had explained in very simple and easy manner.

where as,

Standard lights are not much realistic in effect.since it is computer based lights Objects ,which do not have any physically based intensity value.

standard lights in 3dsmax

Some example of standard lights :

-Target spot lights
-Free spot lights
-omni lights

but..if you want to create some exterior sun-day lights effect you can go to system option and can create daylights for exterior sunlightings effect...!

Since,more realistic lights effect can be achieved in v-ray plugin software.

V-ray ies lights can also be applied in the interior scene to achieve more realistic look

Do you want to learn...??

 How to apply this 3dsmax 30+ v-ray ies lights

Please watch below Hindi video tutorial for applying v-ray 30+ ies lights in 3dsmax software

Hope your concept on lights in 3dsmax has cleared..!


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