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In this post you can Download free 30 vray ies light and import in your 3dsmax vray scene projects under vray lights - download 3ds max vray ies light from below - 3d lecture.


Follow Below steps to use this 30 ies lights Downloaded Files :

1. 30+ Ies lights download link will be available below..just download it.

2. After Downloading this ies lights, You will need to extract it using winrar software.

3. Now, we had extracted the ies lights file, just open your 3ds max software.

4. You can use this ies lights in 3ds max default photometric lights as well as in vray lights.

Steps to Use ies lights in 3Ds max Photometric lights :

  • Open 3Ds max software and under lights tab select photometric lights and use Free Light.
3Ds max Photometric ies lights

  • Create One free Light on Viewport, select the light and Go to modify panel >> Under Light Distribution (Type) , Select >> Photometric web.

Photometric web ies lights

  • Now, choose the Photometric file which you want to show on viewport.

select ies lights profile presets

  • After,importing or selecting the ies lights file presets.You can modify the intensity ,Filter color and also Dimming value of lights by increasing or decreasing the value.

  • Now ,You had Successfully used the downloaded ies lights in Your 3D projects.

ies lights rendering

Steps to Use ies lights in 3Ds max Vray lights :

  • Under lights tab select VRay Option and use VRayIES.
  • Create One VRay IES Light on Viewport, select the light and Go to modify panel >> Under NONE option select the file ies lights profile which You want.
  • You can increase and decrease the intensity value and color under modify panel,make sure to select the lights to modify its value.     

  ( Download 3ds max vray ies light )